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TF Glock Stock Competition basepad (black or crimson)

TF Glock Stock Competition basepad (black or crimson)

Machined aluminum basepad extends the magazine to make it much easier to load and manipulate. It weighs a full ounce (compared to a few grams for the stock basepad) which helps the magazine fall clear of the pistol when empty. Similar to the factory basepad in feel, it adds a little extra length for positive seating.

It's the cat's meow for all the "stock gun-oriented games, to include ASI, IDPA, USPSA, and the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP).

Many similar products are too heavy for IDPA and SASP, or will make your gun too heavy if you use any other heavier-than-stock part.

Self-defense users like how the extra thickness makes the magazine "seat" positively -- yet the magazine remains totally secure and unchanged from a reliability point of view.

The kids on Team Gotta (fastest youth team in the country, 2011-2013, 2015) called these the "Superman" basepad, having watched team captain Jordon Castro help prove out the design. Castro's prototypes were bright green, which the kids dubbed "kryptonite green."

A basepad that will absorb a little recoil, make the mag drop out faster, and make your reloads faster and more positive? What else would you call it, but a "Superman" basepad!

(If you'd prefer krytonite green instead, give us a call.)